Amsterdam University Medical Centers

AUMC is one of the foremost Dutch research institutions, as well as one of the largest hospitals at the international top of academic medicine. The AUMC combines patient care, education and research in numerous multi-disciplinary interconnections. This has resulted in many research lines combining the clinical practice and fundamental, high-tech laboratories into translational research: the translation of high-tech solutions into clinical applications. Healthcare is one of the most important application areas of AI technology for AUMC. AUMC leading researcher leads the Quantitative Healthcare Analysis group (, an interfaculty group embedded in the Faculties of Medicine (Department of Biomedical Engineering and Physics) and Science (Institute of Informatics), established to develop, validate and clinically integrate socially responsible AI solutions to solve data analysis challenges encountered in different steps of the patient pathway – from prevention and triage, through diagnosis and decision making, to care delivery and management. Analysis of cardiovascular disease is one of the major research lines of the qurAI group with close collaboration with clinical departments, including Departments of Radiology, Cardiology, Radiation Oncology, and Ethics, Law and Medical Humanities, providing excellent environment for the development of AI-based methods for analysis of medical images. The legal activities within the project, especially in WP5, are supervised by a health lawyer experienced in the field of health law, especially qualified in topics such as new technologies, privacy and medical research.